The Materials & The Pricing
After much trial and error on many materials, such as Bone, antler, exotic hardwood, and man made materials, the carver has settled on a polymer resin. A man-made, solid surface material used for counter tops etc. Such as Corian®, Fountainhead®, and Avonite®. These provide a realistic result with durability. It allows for "top of the line" freehanded scrimshaw results.

Pricing is determined by size and style, some styles take longer, detail and authenticity of the scene. Some sculpturing take a clear coating. Some of our sculptures we highlight the flaking with pearl silver or pearl gold application by hand then wash in a heavy vibrating, white wash and heated to a point of sealing. Thus, as you look through the sculptures the prices vary considerably due to these factors.

Both the carver and the scrimshaw artist grades their own work. The grades result from 1 to 10. This is purely an artistic judgement. You may look at 2 pieces of our art and 1 is selling for $200.00 while the other is selling for $140.00. In your eyes the $140.00 piece may be superior to the $200.00 piece.

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The Materials & The Pricing
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